Cheap Magic

How many of us start Martial Arts for the same reason? Really, deep down did we aspire to be the next Cage Fighting Champion? The next big screen star? The next Hall of Famer? I don’t think so. I think most of us sought salvation, salvation from the hands of the bully. It probably took all our courage (which we didn’t think we had) to walk into the dojo for the first time. It probably took more courage to make the visit a second time, and so on and so on.

When we made that move we more than likely looked to the end of the line and saw the Black Belts and thought “Wow! That’s is what I want to be.” And why not? The Dan grades of before were awesome. The early days were filled with people who knew what they were doing, people who could motor when need be. They were to be looked up to and respected. Not a McDojo in sight.

Hard work producers excellent results, cheap trinkets don't.

Hard work producers excellent results, cheap trinkets don’t.

Somewhere along the way our beloved Martial Arts lost its way. As the elders of the village grew older, the young guns took their place and we witnessed the hordes of people making their way to the front of the Black Belt queue, cash in hand with adulations waiting to be paid. But then the training became too hard and the same cash people realised it was easier to visit the local snooker hall and with beer in hand, played their frame.

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