A Talk With My Panic Attacks, a Chat With My Fear

A Talk  With My Panic Attacks, a Chat With My Fear

by Simon Morrell.

panic 2

As I drew out of the grips of agoraphobia, I realised my fears were internal. Certainly external matters helped those fears along but when I got down to it I realised most of the problem lay within. Most of my fear was in fact my inner opponent and usually started chatting as I felt a panic attack coming on. He tried desperately to beat me and strange as it seems, also helped me recover as I replayed a conversation with my friend fear when he asked how he affected me so much. Here, I try to explain to him the damage he could have caused. He is quite smart in his reply.

I told him; “I remember one of the worst attacks you ever launched  was in fact also one of the earlier ones. I was driving alone to my parents for Sunday lunch, my wife having set off an hour earlier to help set up. Summer meant it was hot…”

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