Why Me? Inside a Bully’s Mind.

Why Me? Inside a Bully’s Mind.


Simon Morrell.

Because you are black, you are white, you are Oriental, hell you aren’t Oriental. Because you are fat, thin, have bucked teeth, walk with a limp or maybe you don’t walk with a limp. Your family has money, you are the poor kid at school. You come from a happy family or a broken home. More than likely because you can’t make eye contact. Not making sense? That’s because it doesn’t. Bullying makes no sense whatsoever. A bully will inflict pain and havoc without any valid reason at all. Sometimes the bully is suffering him/herself but that is not my concern.

My concern is for you, the victim. Don’t waste any time trying to get into the bully’s mind, it is a fruitless exercise. Don’t try and emphasise with your tormentor.  Instead concern yourself with how you deal with the problem. Dealing with it doesn’t mean changing the way you walk, altering your accent, denying your family. It means taking on a role that will build your confidence because I have learnt this much; a bully will not, dare not take on a confident person. They thrive on the weak and will go out of their way to source the kid who can’t make eye contact. The kid who wanders the playground alone too shy to make friends makes easy pickings.

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