Be Driven, Be Inspired but Be…

Be driven, be inspired, but be……

Now that you have embarked upon your journey to success (and the fact that you are reading this, or indeed any other likewise book means that you have started that journey) means that you will need fuel for the said journey.

Now better writers than me have and will continue to, write about the importance of diet to sustain us and they are quite correct. However, as well as the food we put into our bodies, fuel can also be taken on board as a mind and spiritually nourishing diet.

We need to be both driven and inspired toward our goals and this chapter will, hopefully, show you how to spot the difference and best utilise the two.

I’ll start with driven, and I make no apologies if this sounds judgemental. Each person chooses how they live and behave. This section isn’t about me judging certain factions of our society nor is it to suggest that they aren’t happy with their chosen path. It is merely to show how their way drives me on. Continue reading