I Will Be Bullied No More


I remember the first time I was bullied. Five years old, rake thin, timid, buck teeth and a shyness that bordered on being ill. My tormentor cared not as he cruelly hurled abuse at me much to the joy of our class mates. As the day drew to a close I slept fitfully praying there would be no more of it the following day but sadly it went beyond that. A day became a week became a month became a year and I became so week that the year became many.

I became a victim of all that wanted to vent fury on me. Childish punches escalated into violent assaults as the skinny kid grew into a skinny teen. Sometimes the beatings were by a solo attacker but more than once the attackers were several in numbers and as I was knocked to the floor kicks stunned my head. For some though it was not enough and a knife was bought into play. Luckily I escaped and survived and through it all hid my horrors from my parents…most of the time.

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