They are here…an excerpt taken from An Everyday Warrior.

Taken from my latest book An Everyday Warrior, another true story, the story picks up from when I had received a phone call informing me that my father had taken thousands of pounds from some heavy Liverpool men. When payback  time came around he was nowhere to be found and they looked to me for payment. Things did not look good as I struggled to find the money. I was informed that they were to visit my office and it wasn’t going to be pleasant. As I sat waiting for them my mind wandered back many years to a similar situation…

‘I was seventeen years old and was becoming more and more aware of how my father’s world worked. I wanted little part of it and was happy spending my days working and my nights drumming in a local band. On the evening in question, we had played a gig at a local nightclub and it had gone well.

It’s fair to say I was happy arriving home late that night, a couple of pints inside me and the accolades of a small crowd ringing in my ears. The next set of ringing I heard would stop me dead in my tracks and send a cold shiver up my spine.

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